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Couple Returns To Find Strangers Partying & Smoking Inside Their Home

A couple from Montreal, Canada recently returned home to find a dozen strangers partying, drinking, and eating their food.  Now they are searching for answers and trying to understand how this happened.

Adam Mongrain and his wife were shocked to find trash everywhere and several valuable items missing and stolen from their home.  Mongrain explained the party revelers didn’t stop when they entered, but carried on partying, cooking in their kitchen, and smoking inside the house.

He asked the strangers what they were doing in his home, and they said they booked the house on the website Booking.com.  Mongrain lives in the home with his wife and 14 year-old daughter, and stated that their home is not listed for rent on the Booking.com short term rental website.

However, another home in the area does allow guests to book a stay.

When he told the group to leave his apartment, they didn’t argue and agreed to leave.

“No one argued. Everyone just picked up their things and went,” said Mongrain. “They didn’t even need to coordinate. It was just like someone gave the word and they just picked up all their stuff and just left.”

As the party goes were leaving their residence, the wife noticed her laptop was missing. The husband confronted the group, but no one responded or gave up the laptop, so the Mongrains called the police.

Authorities swept the entire home gathering fingerprints and any other evidence. Overall, two laptops, two passports, three watches, alcohol, perfumed and clothes were missing from the home.

“I’m still finding things that are missing. I keep finding things I don’t have anymore,” he said. “So many things I like about my life are gone now, and that’s the challenge I’m trying to work through.”

The family said their landlord confirmed a Booking.com listing had been rented for the evening, however, no one used it that evening.

Mongrain said they believe the group was able to get into their home by using a key that was left in a lockbox located outside the home.

Adam Mongrain said he’s tried called Booking.com a number of times, but hasn’t had much luck finding out if the company is cooperating with police in their investigation.

Looking back on the situation and everything that happened, the Mongrains said they are thankful the altercation didn’t turn violent, but they are still worried about something like it happening again in the future to themselves or someone else.

“It’s worrisome because however they got in, it means someone else could do it,” Adam Mongrain said.

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