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Arizona Hiker Gets Trapped In Quicksand For 12 Hours!

A couple from Arizona recently went on a weekend trip at the Zion National Park in Utah, but little did they know that such an adventure would almost cost them their lives, especially 34-year-old Ryan Osmun’s.

Four and a half miles down a trail, Ryan’s girlfriend found herself in a dangerous situation after her leg got stuck in a creek. And, though she eventually freed herself out of the trap, it turned out it was then her boyfriend’s turn to get stuck, this time in a quicksand.

As Ryan was helping her girlfriend, he felt his right leg gradually sinking into sand that felt like “wet concrete” that “dried instantly”, burying him to his knees. Her girlfriend immediately ran to ask for help, but it took 12 hours for the rangers to reach Ryan. By that time, he had already fallen asleep and collapsed in the cold water.

Good thing Ryan survived such ordeal, confessing in an interview he felt lucky to be alive and to still have his leg.

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