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This Man Did The Craziest Thing After Losing A Bet

After losing bet in Fantasy Football League with high school friends, a man from Arlington, Texas did a thing so outrageous it became viral. He smothered peanut butter all over himself, then, as if that was not enough, walked his dog around the park.

The 25-year-old fantasy league newbie Steven Shrout made the biggest mistake of challenging his high school buddies, who have been playing the game since 2009, way longer than he does.

After his top draft choice, Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers, sat out during the entire season, he was given the choice of whether to do an embarrassing stunt or pay $250. Obviously, he chose the former.

Wearing only a gold speedo whilst covered in peanut butter, he roamed around the park with his dog for 10 minutes. According to him, it was “not a big challenge”, much to the surprise of his friends who didn’t think he would actually do it.

Argument Over Popcorn Leads To Murder And 48 Years In Prison

A man from Montgomery, Alabama got in to an argument with his cousin over popcorn while watching a movie at his home in 2016. The man took a baseball bat and struck his cousins head, causing a fatal blow that lead to him being sentenced to 48 years in jail for manslaughter.

The records show the man had asked his cousin for some of popcorn, and the cousin refused. The man then cursed at him, put a knife to his stomach, and walked away from the room. He then returned and put the knife to his cousins neck and punched him in the face.

The cousin grab a baseball bat and struck the cousin with the knife who tried to stab him. He swung the bat again and hit his cousin in the head. The cousin died a few weeks later.