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40 Year Old Doritos Bag Washes Up On North Carolina Beach

The National Park Services has confirmed on its Facebook page that a Doritos chips bag from almost 40 years ago has washed up on a beach on Harkers Island in North Carolina.

The Facebook post was quoted as saying: “The bag design looked odd to us, but we couldn’t put our finger on why until we noticed the date in the lower corner — 1979! While this was sort of a neat find due to its age, it serves as a reminder that plastic trash lasts a long time, in this case almost 40 years!”

A website covering the history of the Doritos brand chips identifies the log of the bag as coming from between 1973 to 1979. The Nacho cheese flavor first came out in 1972.

The beaches of North Carolina are known for having strange garbage wash ashore. Some past finds have included parts of SpaceX rockets, World War 2 mines, and shipping containers that fell off freighters sailing in the ocean.

Woman Given Wrong Lottery Ticket Ends Up Winning $277,000

A North Carolina woman who was given the wrong lottery scratch off game ticket is celebrating that small mistake in a big way.

Zerineia Carmichael of Goldsboro, North Carolina, wanted to buy the Carolina Panthers lottery game ticket Sunday, but the store clerk gave her a “777” scratch off game ticket instead, the North Carolina Education Lottery said in a press release.

Carmichael said she would normally have asked the clerk to give her what she asked for, but she decided instead to keep it and hoped it would bring her some luck.

When she began scratching off the lottery card in her car, she thought she had only won $7. She said she kept scratching and continued seeing more sevens.

When she was done, Carmichael had won $277,777.

After state and federal taxes, she took home $195,837, part of which she said she plans to use to get a new car.