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19-Year-Old Student Defends Marriage To Husband 43 Years Her Senior

Though 19-year-old Samantha Simpson has been happily married for more than a year now with his 62-year-old partner, JR, she could not help but confess in a recent interview that she’s still affected by the “daily abuses” she and her husband have been experiencing from friends and even relatives who do not understand their May-December relationship.

According to her, “it’s just exhausting” to be constantly bombarded with negative comments from naysayers, and that “it’s even worse” whenever people call her husband a “pedophile” or a “child snatcher”.

Furthermore, Samantha wants people to realize that she and her husband are “happily married and serious” about their relationship, asking people to stop “discriminating” them in such a nasty way.

Talking ever so proudly about her husband, Samantha said she “was automatically drawn to how well presented he was and the fact that he was such a gentleman”, “something” she “had never found in a man before”.