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Man Finds Purse With $10,000 Cash And Turns It In

A New York City subway passenger found a purse containing $10,000 in cash on a train platform and turned it in to the proper authorities.

The man spotted the blue Chanel bag one morning in the station at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, and decided to pick it up to see if there was any identifying information inside.

Upon looking inside, he discovered a handwritten note, however, he could not read the note since it was in Russian. The man then tried to locate a subway employee to notify, but he couldn’t track anyone down. He then decided to take the purse home and try to locate the owner.

When he arrived home, he emptied the contents of the purse, and found an envelope containing $10,000 in cash, but unfortunately no identifying information as to who the owner might be.

The man decided he needed to do the right thing and took the bag and its contents to the New York Police Department’s 20th Precinct.

As luck would have it, a woman had arrived at that very same police station that morning to file a report about a lost blue bag that she had dropped in the subway on her way to depart for a trip to Russia.

Someone Found $7.5 Million Dollars Cash Inside A $500 Storage Unit

Do you remember the popular television show ‘Storage Wars’ that has been playing on A&E for a few years now?  For those that are unfamiliar with ‘Storage Wars’, the premise of the show is about a group of people that attend auctions for abandoned storage units (once a unit is delinquent on bills it is auctioned to the highest bidder to recoup the money owed to the storage company).  The members of the show compete and bid against each other for certain units, however, they are unable to go inside the storage unit prior to bidding, with only a short glimpse of it’s contents before bidding begins. Click “Continue” to keep reading more.