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Man Sets House And Family Afire After An Argument Over Cheez-It

A 32-year-old man from Georgia named Jeremy Lamar Wyatt was charged with arson and damage to property after locking his 61-year-old mother and his brother in their home and setting it ablaze following a dispute over a box of Cheez-It.

The three of them were reportedly inside their home in Lithonia when they suddenly burst into a fight concerning the popular cheesy biscuits. Jeremy, who was drunk at the time, then imprisoned the two before pouring gasoline all over the front steps and eventually igniting the house.

Luckily, the brother successfully got out of the blazing house, thereafter helping her mother escape through a second floor window.

Arizona Hiker Gets Trapped In Quicksand For 12 Hours!

A couple from Arizona recently went on a weekend trip at the Zion National Park in Utah, but little did they know that such an adventure would almost cost them their lives, especially 34-year-old Ryan Osmun’s.

Four and a half miles down a trail, Ryan’s girlfriend found herself in a dangerous situation after her leg got stuck in a creek. And, though she eventually freed herself out of the trap, it turned out it was then her boyfriend’s turn to get stuck, this time in a quicksand.

As Ryan was helping her girlfriend, he felt his right leg gradually sinking into sand that felt like “wet concrete” that “dried instantly”, burying him to his knees. Her girlfriend immediately ran to ask for help, but it took 12 hours for the rangers to reach Ryan. By that time, he had already fallen asleep and collapsed in the cold water.

Good thing Ryan survived such ordeal, confessing in an interview he felt lucky to be alive and to still have his leg.

Florida Teen Steals Pizza Delivery Car To Meet Boyfriend

A 14-year-old girl yearning to meet her boyfriend currently faces theft charges after stealing a pizza delivery guy’s car.

Police revealed Josie Bigelow ordered two pizzas from Papa John’s and had them delivered to their neighbor’s house. Driver Christopher Cook, 49, said that while he was on his way to deliver the orders, someone suddenly appeared out of the bushes and sped off with his unlocked 2006 Ford Taurus.

Ms. Bigelow was eventually caught and apprehended six miles away from her home address. She was then charged with grand theft of an automobile and was afterwards taken to a Juvenile Assessment center.

But, why did Josie stole the pizza delivery guy’s car? Her father, Joseph Bigelow, revealed in an interview that he discovered an exchange of text messages between her daughter and her boyfriend “about robbing people and all that”. Also, according to him, her daughter deserved “whipping” and “jail” for the nasty thing she did.

19-Year-Old Student Defends Marriage To Husband 43 Years Her Senior

Though 19-year-old Samantha Simpson has been happily married for more than a year now with his 62-year-old partner, JR, she could not help but confess in a recent interview that she’s still affected by the “daily abuses” she and her husband have been experiencing from friends and even relatives who do not understand their May-December relationship.

According to her, “it’s just exhausting” to be constantly bombarded with negative comments from naysayers, and that “it’s even worse” whenever people call her husband a “pedophile” or a “child snatcher”.

Furthermore, Samantha wants people to realize that she and her husband are “happily married and serious” about their relationship, asking people to stop “discriminating” them in such a nasty way.

Talking ever so proudly about her husband, Samantha said she “was automatically drawn to how well presented he was and the fact that he was such a gentleman”, “something” she “had never found in a man before”.

Nail Salon Draws Complaints From Residents Over Naughty Name

Ohio business owner Dawn Moon recently found herself in hot water after her venture, which bears the intriguing name ” Hand Jobs Nails & Spa”, drew flak from residents who were uncomfortable with the double-entendre.

The zoning director of Perkins Township revealed that it has already received numerous complaints over Moon’s mind-tickling choice, however, the nail salon owner does not plan on changing the name as her staff and customers love her play on words.

To her defense, she said in an interview with WOIO, “If you go in and get your nose done it’s called a nose job, right? Well, you come in and get your nails done.”

“You think of something like that and don’t know if you’ll ever do it, but I did,” she further stated.

Student Gave Cookies To Classmates With Grandfathers Ashes Inside

A school student located in Davis, California has claimed that sometime around two weeks ago, she and a friend gave nine of their fellow classmates some cookies that contained her grandfathers ashes.

Some of the students were aware of what they were eating, whereas others were not aware and were “horrified” when they found out what was inside their baked dessert.

It is unclear why the student felt the desire to bring desserts with human remains inside of them to share at the school. Since the cookies were all consumed, it’s impossible to tell if they contained ashes at all. However, a classmate of the accused did say that he “didn’t believe the story until the student pulled out the urn containing the ashes.”

Plane Lands On Highway And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

When you are driving down the highway, there are many things you typically see like cars, trucks, and motorcycles. One lucky driver was able to capture this scene on camera of a small propeller airplane landing in front of him on the highway.

This scene took place on the Sunrise Highway in Long Island, New York.

Man Finds Purse With $10,000 Cash And Turns It In

A New York City subway passenger found a purse containing $10,000 in cash on a train platform and turned it in to the proper authorities.

The man spotted the blue Chanel bag one morning in the station at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, and decided to pick it up to see if there was any identifying information inside.

Upon looking inside, he discovered a handwritten note, however, he could not read the note since it was in Russian. The man then tried to locate a subway employee to notify, but he couldn’t track anyone down. He then decided to take the purse home and try to locate the owner.

When he arrived home, he emptied the contents of the purse, and found an envelope containing $10,000 in cash, but unfortunately no identifying information as to who the owner might be.

The man decided he needed to do the right thing and took the bag and its contents to the New York Police Department’s 20th Precinct.

As luck would have it, a woman had arrived at that very same police station that morning to file a report about a lost blue bag that she had dropped in the subway on her way to depart for a trip to Russia.

Who Brings Olive Oil To Portugal? Police Catch Cocaine Smuggling Ring

Police and Customs Agents became suspicious when a man arrived with a suitcase full of Olive Oil, to a country who is one of the biggest and best producers of Olive Oil in the world.  What was in the Olive Oil?  Click “Continue” to keep reading.