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Florida Teen Steals Pizza Delivery Car To Meet Boyfriend

A 14-year-old girl yearning to meet her boyfriend currently faces theft charges after stealing a pizza delivery guy’s car.

Police revealed Josie Bigelow ordered two pizzas from Papa John’s and had them delivered to their neighbor’s house. Driver Christopher Cook, 49, said that while he was on his way to deliver the orders, someone suddenly appeared out of the bushes and sped off with his unlocked 2006 Ford Taurus.

Ms. Bigelow was eventually caught and apprehended six miles away from her home address. She was then charged with grand theft of an automobile and was afterwards taken to a Juvenile Assessment center.

But, why did Josie stole the pizza delivery guy’s car? Her father, Joseph Bigelow, revealed in an interview that he discovered an exchange of text messages between her daughter and her boyfriend “about robbing people and all that”. Also, according to him, her daughter deserved “whipping” and “jail” for the nasty thing she did.