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Police Nab College Student For Using Banana Plug App To Sell Drugs

A University of California freshman was recently arrested over federal drug charges for sneakily selling drugs through an app called “Banana Plug”.

The 18-year-old Collin Howard allegedly created the app, which had the official motto “We Have What You Want”, and made it available on the Apple App Store. Through which, he would offer drugs such as “Shrooms”, cocaine and “Molly”.

After ad posters of the app was seen around campus, the university police officer then coordinated with the Department of Homeland Security to get drugs from the suspect. Afterwards, they negotiated with the oblivious Howard on Snapchat and made four purchases. It was on the fourth encounter that they arrested the college greenhorn.

After being indicted by the grand jury on Valentine’s Day, he pleaded not guilty to the drug charges and was freed on bail.

Who Brings Olive Oil To Portugal? Police Catch Cocaine Smuggling Ring

Police and Customs Agents became suspicious when a man arrived with a suitcase full of Olive Oil, to a country who is one of the biggest and best producers of Olive Oil in the world.  What was in the Olive Oil?  Click “Continue” to keep reading.