‘Insane’ Delta Flight Turbulence Causes 5 Injuries

Passengers of Delta Air Lines flight 5763 going to Seattle were left shaken to the core after a severe bout of turbulence midair, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Reno.

One person onboard, Joe Justice, described the situation as “insane” that the beverage cart flung up to the ceiling many times. Another passenger said the attendant “was tossed around like a ragdoll”.

There were five injuries recorded—two passengers and a flight attendant were taken to the hospital, while the other two refused to be admitted to the hospital after they were evaluated by paramedics.

Delta Air Lines provided refunds as well as alternate flight to Seattle and food to all 59 passengers.

The flight traversed the skies whilst a storm was hitting the Lake Tahoe area, with the National Weather Service warning people of “a particularly dangerous situation for aviation in the lee of the Sierra” over the span of a few days.

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